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We believe that you have big dreams for your business. To make those dreams happen, you’re already working hard and offering premium quality services to your customers. But, no matter how great your business is, these days if you lack online visibility, then chances are high that you’re leaving a lot of money on the table, you’re losing many sales opportunities, and even worse, your competition is already way ahead of you. To avoid this, you need an SEO company by your side that’s committed to your success.

Welcome to Tedlok!

We’re a results-driven digital marketing agency in Warrington, Cheshire. When you work with us, we don’t just throw outdated and dead SEO marketing strategies at you. Rather, we believe that every business is unique so we dig deep to understand what you do and your business goals. Thereafter, our in-house SEO marketing experts get to work crafting customised data-driven online marketing strategies to help you reach your goals in record time.

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Why is this process so important

Do you know that right now hundreds of potential customers need your services? In addition, did you know that up to 80% of all searches for local products and services happen online?

Well, we bet your competition knows that. That’s why every brand out there is striving for visibility. But there’s a catch.

Other SEO marketing companies may not tell you this, but SEO digital marketing is getting trickier every year. Online marketing strategies that worked extremely well 5 years ago may not get you the same kind of results today. Especially with the continuous changes that major search engines, such as Google, continue to make to their search results algorithms.

The competition for online visibility is fierce. Most businesses are now tired of spending money on SEO marketing campaigns that just don’t work. Fortunately, we are determined to help you stop wasting money and time. That’s why it’s important to work with you and carefully understand your current position. Only after that can we map out a strategy to get you where you need to be – at the top result page for your niche.

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At the core of this strategy is our doggedness about not leaving any stone unturned. We achieve visible results by helping you to find your voice online. We also ensure that we incorporate every variable that boosts search engine results.

In particular, we use especially ethical link building and authority blog posts that will keep readers coming back and quickly convert them to loyal buyers. The final result? Maximized, unbeatable growth in your online visibility and long-lasting overall business success.

Meet our expert team

Achieving all that we’ve discussed above requires dedication and commitment of time and effort by some of the best brains in the industry. With over 40 years of combined SEO optimization experience, creative expertise, and technological know-how, here are the people at our SEO company that will make it happen for you.

Matt Brussels
SEO Consultant & Account Manager

Matt has been involved in SEO Marketing since 2009 and has a multitude of experience in many different industries and sectors. An expert in both SEO for eCommerce and website conversions strategies. He brings a massive amount of knowledge and online marketing skills to our SEO agency, which our clients directly benefit from.

As an SEO Consultant and Account Manager, Matt will be your main contact when you join Tedlok as one of our clients. He will work with you on developing your SEO strategy and implement any changes to maximize your SEO campaign.

Mandy Small
Research & Digital Outreach

Mandy might be small by name and in stature, but she packs a punch when it comes to digital marketing outreaching!

Mandy understands that as digital marketing continues to evolve, continuous research is key to ensuring our client’s success on multiple online channels.

Her professional track record in getting results is a testament to her relentless drive and innovative approach to online marketing.

Micheal Lewis
Onpage Wizard

Michael’s unique and intuitive aptitude for understanding clients’ needs is the secret to his continued success with top brands for almost a decade now.

It doesn’t matter whether he’s fixing optimisation bugs or customizing client blogs. He knows how to keep a brand’s unique voice at the core of the development process. The final result is a website that each client will be proud of.

Lucy Ryan
Digital Content Strategist

Lucy is our in-house “master of words.” No matter your niche, Lucy’s passion for making every single client’s story come to life is fundamental for making that human connection that online readers crave.

She is devoted to capturing the unique voice of your brand. To achieve that, she creates strategies that will combine the power of language and storytelling to build compelling connections between your business and thousands of potential customers out there.

What to expect from our SEO company?

All work is carried out ethically and on a transparent basis.

Research & Analysis

First, we start by performing an audit on your website to find out the current SEO level and what system errors might be holding your website back. We also analyse your competitors and use the information gathered to benefit your campaign.

As part of the research stage, we also carry out keywords research on your target market. These are keywords that your customers are actually searching for! Using them will lead customers right to your website.

Fix Website Errors

Websites over a period of time acquire bugs and errors in their systems, which can hinder your website’s Google rankings. We audit your website then find and fix these errors. Because the secret to a successful SEO campaign is starting with a solid foundation.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the digital marketing practice of optimising web pages to raise the page ranking in Google and get more relevant traffic coming to your website. It refers equally to HTML source code and content on that page which can be optimised.

Monthly Blog Articles

Depending on your SEO package, every month we will produce a blog article(s) to be published on your website. Adding new content regularly to your site serves 2 purposes. It keeps things fresh on your site. Also, it allows us to add new keywords to your website which will increase ranking in Google.

We do this by finding niche-related articles which are currently socially trending. Then, we write a detailed article on the same subject. Blog articles should be engaging and stamp you as an authority in your industry

Monthly Backlinks

Backlinks are links that point to a page on other websites. In simple terms, a backlink happens when an external page references to your page with a clickable link to your website. Furthermore, backlinks act like a tick of relevance from other websites, making your website look more relevant to Google. Good quality link building counts for over 25% of Google’s algorithm when ranking web pages.

Monthly SEO Report

As an SEO company, we pride ourselves on complete transparency with our clients. We are happy to share any information involving your campaign at any time.

You will also receive a monthly SEO report directly to your inbox. This report will provide an overview of how your campaign is progressing and well your keywords are rankings in Google!

If you have any questions regarding your report or campaign. No worries! Your dedicated SEO manager will answer them for you.

Our SEO packages start from as little as £149.00 a month!

You can start with just a ‘Google My Business’ SEO optimization package or our local SEO ‘build a brand’ package which includes the Google My Business plan as standard, plus a full optimization of your website. For clients looking for a wider reach or operate in a competitive industry, we have our ‘Grow the Business’ and ‘Dominate the Market’ packages.


Interested in working with our SEO Company?

We would love to hear how our digital marketing agency can help you drive sales and boost your online visibility. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! Send us an email or book an SEO audit. Our friendly and professional team is waiting for you.

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    Ted BakerTed Baker

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