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A regular SEO audit service ensures long term success of your website. It is also useful to rectify any technical errors in the site. Our SEO audit service will help you to understand the overall health of your website. It is a complete breakdown of the website design, content and backlink checker. Therefore, SEO analysis is an essential step to take before making any changes on your website. It will also keep your SEO strategy up to date. Besides, the SEO audit will help you to understand if your website is compliant with web guidelines. All these will improve your website visibility and recover lost traffic.

Do you want to check your website’s performance? Then avail our FREE SEO audit services. Enter the URL of any website, article or blog, and you can check their current performance within search engines. 

SEO Audit

Optimise Your Website With Our SEO Audit Service

Our website audits will highlight several areas that require improvement.

Technical SEO Audit: Here, we analyse the health of your website from a technical point of view. For example, we highlight any problems like bugs, outdated codes and crawl issues.

Off-site SEO Audit: These services include backlink checker.

On-site SEO Audit: This includes the external outlook of the website, such as images and contents.

Therefore, we take a complete look at your website. That is both the structural and functional elements of your website. All these elements, when put together, will determine the success of your website. Once the audit is complete, we will further build up the online strategy for your website.
Our primary focus is the optimisation of your website. But at the same time, our SEO analysis will help you to stand firm in the face of competition. We will also send out a social media effectiveness report. We do this to help you to understand the web presence of your organisation.

What checks does our Website Audit Service make?

At SEO Warrington, our website SEO audit service gives an in-depth review of your site. We perform a complete keyword analysis to show where your site ranks with which search terms. We want your site to get maximum attention from potential customers. At the same time, we also want to create a user-friendly experience. All these, when combined, will generate better sales and leads. Below are the challenges that our SEO audit services can address efficiently.

Duplicate Content

Slow Page Load Speed

Missing Title Tags

Low Word Count

Missing Meta Descriptions

Broken Links

Missing Meta Description – Yet another easy mistake that can hit your site hard, meta tags and meta descriptors are some of Google’s favourite things to look for when crawling and ranking a website. We make sure you’ve got all yours ready for when the big G comes knocking.

Broken Links – There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link only for it to take you nowhere. We look through all of the links on your site and notify you about any that are broken or lead to spam sites.

Our premium SEO packages

Our Google My Business Services are included in all our premium SEO Packages as standard.


What to expect from our awesome website Audit Service


Accurate Information

All the information we gather is through highly sophisticated, website auditing software. All of our staff receive specialist training in the various software packages and tools that we use, this results in highly accurate readings.

Social Media Tracking

Our social media experts and website auditors work together to analyse your organisation’s social media pages for all the relevant criteria. Once all areas have been analysed, our social media experts can advise you on what to do going forward.

Up To Date Google Tracking

Google Analytics and other software packages allow us to monitor the effectiveness of on and off page SEO. Once we have identified your problems and started making progress, we can monitor your performance.

Tailored Marketing Plans

After we both have the relevant information about your website from the audit, our in house marketing team tailor a marketing strategy fit to your specific needs. We help design and implement every stage of this plan.

Bespoke Reports

The information we gather is condensed into reports complied exclusively for our client’s viewing. These reports can be done one off or continuously to track a website’s progression.

Brand Monitoring

Our audit identifies where your brand is mentioned by name logo or any other form of identifying factor. We make sure that your brand is mentioned where it should be and not where it shouldn’t.

Give your website a FREE SEO checkup

Over time websites can acquire bugs and errors which could damage your Google ranking. Do something about this today!


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