What is Google My Business?

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Modern business is changing rapidly, and your business needs to adapt. Specifically, if you operate a physical location, local SEO is vital for your success. Did you know that up to 95% of your potential customers will read online reviews before buying from local businesses? If they can’t find you, you can bet that they will see your competitors!

So how do you get found these online days? You’ll need Google My Business optimisation. To help you achieve that, welcome to Tedlok’s Google My Business (GMB) Services.

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Get visible online with Google My Business optimization

It’s safe to say that everyone, including you, goes to Google for almost any kind of information. Therefore, it makes sense to be visible where the customers are looking. Google My Business is one of the most prominent local SEO platforms where people can find your business. It’s another local SEO tool that helps your business show up in search results related to your category of business online. Also, they can get information like what you do, your opening hours, your contact information, and so much more. Besides, a Google My Business account is free to use; this makes it an affordable online marketing tool that your business cannot afford to ignore.

So, is your local Google My Business listing currently subpar? Or have you neglected your Google My Business page for a while? Then to the millions of users searching right now, you don’t exist! There’s not a moment to lose. Let’s help you fix that with our Google My Business management services.

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Why is Google My Business important for your business?

There’s no doubt about it – our Google Optimiser service in Cheshire will boost your Google My Business listing and give your company the exposure you desire.

Boost Your Visibility Online

Did you know that in the time it takes you to read this post, people have gone online to search for businesses like yours? But will they find you first or your competitors? That's the power of local SEO.

By utilising our trusted Google My Business optimisation strategies, we can get you where you need to. Right in front of the thousands of customers that are searching for your products and services every day. We'll help you gain a competitive edge by improving your Google My Business rankings in the following ways.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Remember that you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of online users. So, let our SEO agency use the extensive experience we have in SEO to optimise your Google My Business and position your business at the forefront in your niche. It starts with consistently letting people know you exist in the first place. Moreover, this is not the time to be shy. We will help you to grab the attention of your target audience through fresh posts designed for your customer demographics. These posts will feature engaging content like current specials, videos, and upcoming events.

Increase Local Enquires

Another benefit to your business is Google My Business questions, and answers feature. Before deciding to buy, prospective buyers usually have lots of questions. And it's critically essential that online prospects can easily reach out to you for answers. To get to this point, you'll need to build trust and prove that you're an expert in your industry. We will work with you one-on-one to understand your business. Subsequently, we will help you proactively address local enquiries through Google Questions and Answers in your GMB Business Profile.

Directs Customers to your Premises

Here's an interesting observation about consumer behaviour. Although we know that search is digital and online traffic is a goldmine of sales opportunity, for old fashioned brick and mortar shops, people still like to interact with what they are buying physically. Likewise, many buyers still want a chance to meet the owner (you). Therefore, showing up locally through Google My Business helps to get them to your physical location and establish that personal contact.

Why should I optimise and manage my GMB listing?

With so many local SEO options out there, you may be wondering if you should bother with a GMB listing. We get it. But, approximately half of all online searches now are for local businesses. If people can get what they want in their neighbourhood, why go all the way to another area?

Here’s what an optimised and well-managed Google My Business listing can do for your business:

Google My Business improves your visibility

An optimised GMB listing puts your business on the map. Because Google is now the largest search engine in the world with over 60,000 searches per second if you rank highly on Google, imagine how many people will find your business daily. Not only that, GMB listings get right to the top of Google’s search first-page Maps queries.

Moreover, most of these searchers have not decided where to buy from yet. Therefore, what’s to stop them from buying from you? Now imagine that your local SEO campaign and you’ve achieved your goals. You will be highly visible. And, you’ll stand a good chance as any other business in your locality. So, don’t hesitate to let us help you get those sales.

Google My Business promotes online consistency

Let’s say you need some quick information about a business. And you go to the website or social media page. But instead of finding what you want, you keep getting different information about their services. Again, to make it worse, their information is conflicting. Quite annoying right? Most likely, you will never want to revisit their website. Don’t be like that business. And don’t make potential buyers jump through hoops to get necessary information because it’s likely that they will never come back to your site.

Updating your listing on Google My Business will ensure that your phone numbers, contact information, social media handles, etc. remain consistent.
In addition to the above, the reviews and ratings that Google My Business optimisation attracts organically will also improve your appeal to new customers and earn their trust.

Our premium SEO packages

Did you Know? All our premium SEO Packages include our Google My Business Services as standard.


How our Google My Business services work…

As SEO experts, we have a comprehensive knowledge of listings in Google My Business.

Our optimisation strategy is a combination of research and analysis. We combine that with monthly postings, Google review optimisation and account management. We assign you a google my business manager who will manage your GMB listing and be your main point of contact. Subsequently, you will see a significant boost to your Google My Business ranking and visibility.



Firstly, we set you up on Google Analytics, Search Console, and your Google My Business listing. In addition to Google My Business, both of these services serve unique purposes. Google Search Console helps you to troubleshoot, monitor, and maintain your site's presence in Google's search results. The Search Console helps us to understand how Google sees your website. As a result, we can make significant improvements to your website.
Google Analytics allows us to track data about your site's usage and traffic. With that information, we can help you to identify trends and opportunities for boosting your web presence even further.

Research and Analysis

After the setup stage, we begin our Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis. This significant step because, fundamentally, you must rank highly for targeted keywords in your industry.

GMB Optimisation

Based on the data we get from stage 2 above; we will proceed to optimise your Google My Business listing. Also, at this stage, we geo-location tag your Images and upload them. Images are a fundamental part of Google My Business optimisation success. They grab attention quickly and help searchers promptly know what your business is all about. Not using images is a big mistake. Not only will your page look dull, but you miss out on the chance for faster brand identity. According to Google, business listings using photos get 35% more clicks through to their websites.

Directory Listings

We will create citations on top online directories. Also, for lasting local search results, our SEO experts will analyse your existing listings. The aim here is to find, clean up, and fix inconsistent citations. In the same vein, we will help you to claim any important listings that you are missing. After that, we remove duplicates to improve your local reach and visibility. These steps must be structured and done correctly to get the most out of your listing.

GMB Monthly Posting and Review Management

The reviews on Google have a critical impact on your business. They have the potential to make your business gain or permanently lose customers. They are also one of the main signals that determine local business ranking. Therefore, every month we will compose 3 Google My Business Posts for your brand. Likewise, we will optimise your reviews with targeted keywords in a natural way.

Dedicated Account Manager and Monthly Reporting

We assign an account manager for each client. But your Account Managers are not just a point of contact; they are SEO experts in their own right. Thus, you can ask them any questions about your Google My Business listings campaign, and they will be happy to assist you. You can contact your manager by phone or email.

Besides, your dedicated account manager will provide you with a monthly performance report. We won't leave you in the dark, wondering what is going on. Every step of the way, we encourage you to ask questions, and we are always available to answer you.

Google My Business

£ 149

Monthly +VAT
  • This is included
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Search Console Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • GMB Setup
  • Competitor Analysis
  • GMB Optimisation
  • Image Geo-Location Tagging
  • 35 Directory Listings
  • GMB Review Management
  • 3 Posts a Month
  • ———-
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Reporting
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Take advantage of a FREE website health check

Overtime your website picks up errors which could be damaging to how Google views your website. We identify these errors and advise you on how to fit them.

google my business multiple locations management

Google my business multiple locations management

If you have multiple Google My Business listings and locations, adding monthly posts and keeping on top of your reviews, can take a lot of resources. These are resources and time which could be spent elsewhere in your business.

Our Google My Business multi-location managing package will take this hassle off your hands. We have multiple options depending on your size and budget.

Please use the form below and tell us more about your business and the number of locations you would like us to manage on your behalf. Remember. Don’t get lost in the crowd online. Let our local SEO experts work on your behalf to command the attention that converts to loyal buyers.

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