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Backlinks service is a significant factor influencing google ranking of your webpages. Hence, we aim to create and deliver customised link building services for our clients in the UK. Tedlok offers high-quality SEO marketing campaigns which comprise of effective link building strategies. There are several link building strategies to link your websites to external domains. All these techniques will boost the authority of your domain. As a result, it will increase the organic traffic of your website.

Although based in Warrington, we do provide quality backlinks in SEO campaigns for clients across the world. We are committed to the growth of your business.

BackLinks Service & Guest Post Placements

Our local SEO backlink tactics include link insertion and guest post-placement. Tedlok builds strong relationships with other businesses in your industry through our outreach link insertion program. We use these relationships to your advantage to write engaging and informative content (a guest post) on their website in exchange for a powerful backlink to your webpage. In this way, all our local SEO link building packages are determined to enhance your Google ranking. However, before creating any backlinks to a website, we ensure any external websites have valuable content to link too.

4 x Backlinks

£ 399

  • This is included
  • 4 Links from a DR 30+ website
  • 4 Guest Post With your Anchor Text
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8 x Backlinks

£ 799

  • This is included
  • 8 Links from a DR 30+ website
  • 8 Guest Post With your Anchor Text
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16 x BackLinks

£ 1599

  • This is included
  • 16 Links from a DR 30+ website
  • 16 Guest Post With your Anchor Text
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Link Insertions

At SEO Warrington, we will help you to create instant connections in the industry via link insertions. As a part of our backlinks service strategy in an SEO campaign, we perform detailed and relevant research on all our potential partner websites. Then we filter the list of websites down based on the number of referring domains (also known ‘as backlinks’ or ‘inbound links’) that are linking back to each website. We filter the list because we prefer sites that have a higher volume of quality backlinks.

A website having 500+ referring domains will push more traffic to your web pages than a website that only has 10+ referring domains. Hence, these sites will have more authority and trust in the eyes of Google.

Once we make this selection, we contact the webmasters of these websites individually. Then we arrange a backlink to your website from their content with relevant anchor text. Building backlinks in SEO takes some time. However, we don’t charge any additional fees for these extended services.

Guest Posts

Guest post placement is an easy way of creating backlinks in SEO. We reach out to third parties asking if they are willing to accept guest content that will appeal to their target audience. Once they grant our guest post request, our team will create a high-quality article for their site. This article will contain a link back to your website as a reference for the readers. Therefore, this guest post will redirect a certain amount of their audience to your website. Overall, this will increase the traffic to your website and enhance your SEO ranking.

On the other hand, webmasters also gain from this kind of guest post-placement. In return for one backlink, they get free, fresh, and unique content. Therefore, it is a win-win situation. Principally, we only generate backlinks from quality websites. We make sure that these websites receive at least 1,000 organic visits per month. Therefore, the local SEO backlinks service will pass a decent amount of SEO value to your website.

How are backlink service works

Step 1: Input information
Please give us the URL of your website and anchor text.

Step 2: Extensive Research and connect to webmasters
Our backlinks building team will review the order, confirm, and begin our research and outreach process. We will connect to specific webmasters.

Step 3: Content creation and distribution
After our local SEO backlink team reaches out to the webmasters, we will secure a guest post on their sites and include your link in a relevant way. To facilitate this, we will create high-quality contents for the target websites with backlinks to your website.

Step 4: White Label Reporting
Our backlink services in SEO provide a 100% white label report after your guest post is published. We ensure to brand your website exclusively.

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